The project at 14 King George Street, on the corner of Paloni Alley 2, is an award-winning, international conservation project. It is the magnificent gateway to the famous alley and a landmark in numerous walking tours of the White City.

The spectacular conservation project is a jaw-dropping landmark in the heart of Tel Aviv. Located on the corner of one of the city’s most famous alleyways, it is one of the gemstones in historic walking tours. It is also an impressive example of conservation work on a historic building in the heart of the White City at its absolute best.
The conservation work carried out here, on the edge of one of the busiest and narrowest streets in Tel Aviv, included an excavation for underground parking facilities and a strengthening of the building against earthquakes. All of this had to occur as shops on the ground floor continued to function normally.
The architects of the project, Archod Architects, and the preservation representatives at the Tel Aviv Municipality, requested that we emphasize the precise and meticulous reconstruction of each and every numerous element that appeared in the building’s original documentation. This is what gives the building its exact and magnificent appearance – restored to how it originally stood.

  • Date

    December 2018

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  • Project type

    Urban Renewal, Building Preservation

  • Location

    Center City

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The Renewed Bezalel Market Complex: Fashion & Style in a Pita

The Bezalel Market Complex was constructed instead of a luxury neighborhood that was originally planned on the spot. Soon after the market was built, it became famed for its falafel stands and animated vibe. Over a decade ago, the Boutique Group recognized a character change on this street, nestled between Rothschild Boulevard and Shenkin Street in the heart of the original City Center. Today, the Bezalel Market Complex has been renovated and transformed into a cultural and fashion center. After several prestigious projects were built on King George Street and Bezalel Market was completed, the street’s buildings underwent a remarkable facelift that has completely shifted the once dilapidated city center. Today it is a thriving example of how careful preservation can change an entire neighborhood.

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