The real estate market in Tel Aviv is the largest, most diverse and complex in Israel. Also, it is the market that has experienced the highest price increases in recent times, which is characterized by price increases all over the country. There is much talk about the subject of apartments in Tel Aviv in terms of prices, supply and demand, type The new apartments that have been built recently, etc. Indeed, this is a significant and important area for many citizens from all strata of the population and one that directly affects the entire city.
Apartments for purchase in Tel Aviv – residence, investment and everything in between

In terms of apartments for purchase in Tel Aviv, the market is generally divided into buyers who wish to buy an apartment for residential purposes, in most cases families or young couples who are their first apartment, or those who improve their real estate situation after selling a property at a good yield. From the other past are those who purchase apartments for investment In Tel Aviv, these are citizens and investors who mostly own another residential property and now they buy an apartment in order to rent it out or improve it and sell it after a period of time plus the nice return that this market offers. In Tel Aviv, the ratio of residential apartment buyers to the investor public is generally about 50% for each side , a very significant fact that is an influential factor on apartment prices in Tel Aviv, on the existing supply for new buyers and on the real estate market as a whole.

It is important to note that the purchase of an apartment for investment in Tel Aviv is a phenomenon that occurs in almost all areas of the city and at all levels of construction and that in the current real estate reality it is indeed an opportunity and an attractive investment channel, for example apartments in conservation buildings and the like.

In recent years, there have been many voices claiming that the real estate market mainly includes new construction of luxury towers that do not help the general public to purchase an apartment, but raise the general prices throughout the city.

Renting apartments in Tel Aviv

Along with the apartment buying and selling market, the field of apartments in Tel Aviv naturally includes the aspect of apartments for rent in Tel Aviv. This is a city with many students and young people who can only afford to rent an apartment, as well as many families who want to rent a quality property now that they cannot purchase and prepare for the future in preparation for a future purchase.
The rental prices for apartments in the city center, in attractive neighborhoods or with a high level of finish are thousands of shekels per month or more, while small apartments in remote and less popular areas offer a rental level of a few thousand that is mainly suitable for young people.

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