There is no doubt that Tel Aviv is the largest and most complex real estate center in Israel, it is a large and very diverse market, which includes buildings and areas of all styles and levels. Of course, this is an area where the prices are often the highest and so is the demand. The population in Tel Aviv is very diverse and the real estate market “N” in the city offers many investment opportunities within different time frames – whether it is a purchase for residential needs and future improvement or for investment needs only. the market of
Apartments for investment in Tel Aviv are highly developed according to the existing population in the area and accordingly
for the many opportunities it offers.
A very popular and accepted investment in Tel Aviv

Investment apartments are another and very popular investment channel in Tel Aviv, among many strata
In the public and really it is not about the luxuries reserved only for the capitalists. Investing in real estate is considered, quite rightly, to be stable and safe over time and as a channel that deserves to be kept alongside investments in the capital market and other financial channels.
Buying apartments for investment in Tel Aviv is a very attractive and popular market in the capital city
In Israel, proof of this can be obtained from the percentage of investors out of the total number of apartment buyers. At the beginning
2011 investment apartment buyers in the Tel Aviv city area accounted for about 50% of all apartment buyers,
Later in the year, this figure dropped slightly to about 40% and many investment apartments were also sold due to expansion
The exemption from appreciation tax designed to encourage investors to sell the apartments and add supply to the market.
From luxury towers to unrealized areas

The market for investment apartments in Tel Aviv includes all the rich real estate variety available in the city.
The investors come from all fields of activity and different financial backgrounds, mostly those who own another residential property and want to benefit from the impressive increases in the field in recent years. Of course, the Tel Aviv market is relatively expensive now, as is the case in all regions of Israel, and the average price for an investment apartment in Tel Aviv exceeds one and a half million NIS, but it is still definitely a popular investment avenue with high-quality returns.
In terms of apartments for investment in Tel Aviv, you can see investors who purchase apartments in Migdali
The luxury ones that are built around the city are of course expensive and far above average in terms of conditions
and target population. But you can also see many investors looking for investment apartments in the areas
Have a lot of unrealized real estate potential, for example in the southern region or as happened in Jaffa along the way
the years

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