The project at 276-278 HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv is a dream come true. Facing one of the most iconic beaches in Tel Aviv, it offers superb views and jaw-dropping sunsets.

Location, location, location. This prestigious project was built as part of a demolition and reconstruction of two adjacent buildings that shared a common wall. It is currently in the stage of digging out the parking basements and establishing the ground of these old buildings. The blue sea views of Tel Aviv are visible from every apartment, and a luxurious and exciting specification awaits the happy buyers. Swimming pools, a large bicycle and scooter room, spaces protected against earthquakes and missiles, a luxurious lobby and a special emphasis on spectacular landscape architecture will make this gorgeous project even more amazing.

  • Date

    October 2025

  • Client


  • Project type

    Urban Renewal, Historic Building Preservation

  • Location

    Excavating Basements and Foundations

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Known as “Peeping Beach” from the movie Borax (Cannes Film Festival)

HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv runs parallel to the sea, providing access to the water and the city’s non-stop beaches. Since the early 2000s, it has undergone considerable changes. Today it is considered to be the most expensive street in Tel Aviv.

The Metsitsim Beach complex, which translates as ‘Peeping’ in English, has undergone the largest shift. Abandoned shacks and a sleepy and deserted harbor have become a shopping, entertainment and recreation center. The area is now one of the most important entrance gates to the city of Tel Aviv. Luxury projects, along with boutique hotels, now stretch along the beach. Many boutique shops have since opened in the Tel Aviv Port and surrounding streets. Luxury restaurants stand alongside beach eateries. The smell of sunscreen and local delicacies fill the air, carried aloft by the wind whipping off the sea.

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