The real estate market in all regions of Israel has experienced very significant increases in recent years. This is causing many economic and political upheavals with various measures that state officials are trying to take in order to reduce price increases and make it easier for home buyers to reach the desired goal of their own home. As in many areas In Israel, even in the field of real estate, Tel Aviv is the national leader and prices there have risen most significantly and apartments there are the most expensive on average.
Of course, real estate price increases have a negative side for buyers, especially first-time buyers, but there is definitely a positive side for those who wish to sell their apartment at an impressive return after a long and substantial wave of increases. In any case, today, apartments in Tel Aviv for a million NIS are a rare sight Very and in fact almost impossible to find a quality apartment in a good area at such a price.
For a million you move away from the center

In order to find apartments in Tel Aviv for a million NIS or an amount that ranges around this number, there is no choice today and one must move away from the city center, sometimes to distant neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. The price increases in the real estate market have meant that in all the central and attractive areas of Tel Aviv the prices of apartments have already crossed The million shekel mark has been around for a long time, and today the average level stands at a million and a half for a two-room apartment every second.
But even though these price increases may seem discouraging for young couples and first-time property buyers, you can still find apartments in Tel Aviv for a million NIS, you just have to stay away from the center and search professionally.
Mostly small apartments

Following the price increases in question, apartments in Tel Aviv for a million NIS will now be mainly apartments
relatively small, and even these as mentioned will often be in relatively distant areas from the city center. It is definitely possible to find apartments at a price of about one million shekels for apartments of 1.5-2 rooms, probably not enough
For a large family but an option for young couples or families at the beginning of the journey.

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