This award-winning, International ‘1911 Conservation Project’ is an important part of the main tour of the Tel Aviv Municipality’s ‘Houses from the Inside’ Exhibition.

This complex and detailed preservation project, located at Derech Jaffa Street 13 (on the corner of Beit Habad Alley 2-4 in Tel Aviv), is called 1911. This was the original construction date of this impressive structure that stretches the entire length of the Beit Habad Alley.

In 1938, the adjacent building on Jaffa Road was added and connected. The joining of the two buildings created a wide and shaded inner courtyard between the two structures. Over the years, this area was severely neglected. The complex conservation work involved hanging the entire building in the air in order to excavate a basement and shelter beneath the shops, which continued to function normally during the construction.

Amir Peleg, the architect of the project, and the conservation representatives at the Tel Aviv Municipality asked that an emphasis be placed upon the updated reconstruction of the transparent elevator shaft in the center of the inner courtyard. This was actually the first freight elevator shaft in Tel Aviv, making its proper reconstruction even more historically important.

  • Date

    October 2016

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  • Project type

    Urban Renewal, Preservation of Historic Buildings

  • Location

    Derech Jaffa 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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From Sleepy Textile Shops to the Culinary and Nightlife Center of Tel Aviv

The Boutique Group identified Derech Jaffa as Tel Aviv’s new entertainment center as early as 2012. Its proximity to the lively Neve Tsedek neighborhood and Rothschild Boulevard alongside run-down buildings and dusty businesses first attracted the Boutique Group’s treasure scouts over a decade ago. Today, the ‘1911 Conservation Project’ stands in Gaon next to the Beit Romano Complex and its cheerful surroundings. This area is now the center of Tel Aviv’s Soho.

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