Yarkon Street is the main street parallel to Tel Aviv’s beach. Starts in front of Charles Clore Garden and ends at Tel Aviv Port in the north.
In the past they were afraid to live in front of the sea and the street was neglected and deserted.
In recent decades, there has been a worldwide influx of properties facing the sea and of course the beach of Tel Aviv, the city that never stops, has gained great momentum.
In recent years, with the large sums coming from Israeli hi-tech, old buildings on Yarakon Street have become the most sought after. Dozens of new and prestigious projects for the Upper Millennium are being built in Tel Aviv, boutique buildings, meticulously designed by the best architects and interior designers are on display.
The roofs of the street have become magnificent mansions that are carried from above and overlook the city and the sea. Hidden rooftops with swimming pools, spas and meticulous landscaping have become commonplace.
Luxury boutique apartments with swimming pools on the roof spring up like mushrooms after the rain and each one has a more meticulous and surprising design.

תמונות מגג המבנה בירקון 278 תל אביב. פרויקט הירקון 276-278 תל אביב

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