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Locating, preserving and restoring the hidden treasures of Tel Aviv – from historic estates to luxury properties. The Boutique Group is an association of companies that have been collaborating successfully for over 20 years. Together, we initiate and build projects in Tel Aviv under the Boutique Group brand. A family company with a strong financial backing and the legal guidance of lawyer Danny Bashan, the Boutique Group specializes in the construction of boutique buildings in Tel Aviv. We focus on unique projects of up to 50 units in the city of Tel Aviv. The Boutique Group has gathered a lot of knowledge and experience over the years, making it one of the leading companies in Tel Aviv in the promotion and management of urban renewal programs (including the preservation of buildings and Tama 38). Our dedicated team at the Boutique Group has extensive experience In the preservation of buildings and urban renewal. In cooperation with the top professionals in the field, our emphasis is on the well-being of the tenants, the buyers, and the owners of the apartments in various projects. From the moment of the initial introduction to receiving the key to the new apartment, we are here to guide you with passion, care and expertise.

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